Plutella xylostella granulovirus(PlxyGV) TC

Plutella xylostella granulovirus(PlxyGV) is a naturally occurring pathogenic virus that infects and kills only larvae of Plutella xylostella(Diamondback moth).

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  • How it works
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Use for

Use for

Plutella xylostella(Diamondback moth)

How it works

How it works

When the formulated products of PlxyGV is applied to crops and ingested by Plutella xylostella(diamondback moth) larvae, the virions are released and replicate massively in the pest's body, and then spread throughout the body while rapidly consuming body tissues. Diamondback moth that ingest the virus become lethargic during their sickness caused by the virus infection, and appear sublethal. Eventually, they will die with their internal organs and tissues liquefied. In addition, the virions will continue to spread like a plague between and through several generations of diamondback moth through the fluid or feces of the dead diamondback moth larvae, providing effective long-term control of the diamonback moth population.

Product specifications

Product Specifications

   Concentrate Liquid

  •    Pack Size: 25 liters per Drum
  •    Concentration: 3.0×10^11PIB/ml

Directions for use

Directions for use

Avoid temperatures above 40℃ during processing of formulations.

Product handling

Product Handling

Temperature Conditions during Transport


Storage Time at Different Temperatures

  • >2  years at -18℃
  • 2 years at <+5℃
  • 1 month at<+25℃