Keyun®PlxyGV is based on a naturally occurring pathogenic virus, Plutella xylostella granulovirus(PlxyGV) that infects and kills only larvae of Plutella xylostella(Diamondback moth).

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Use for

Use for

Plutella xylostella(Diamondback moth)

How it works

How it works

When Keyun®PlxyGV is applied to crops and ingested by Plutella xylostella(diamondback moth) larvae, the virions are released and replicate massively in the pest's body, and then spread throughout the body while rapidly consuming body tissues. Diamondback moth that ingest the virus become lethargic during their sickness caused by the virus infection, and appear sublethal. Eventually, they will die with their internal organs and tissues liquefied. In addition, the virions will continue to spread like a plague between and through several generations of diamondback moth through the fluid or feces of the dead diamondback moth larvae, providing effective long-term control of the diamonback moth population.

Product specifications

Product Specifications

   Formulation: SC

  •    Concentration: 3.0×10^10OB/ml
  •    Pack Size: 100ml/bottle, 200ml/bottle, 500ml/bottle, 1000ml/bottle

Directions for use

Direction for use


Shake the container well before use. The homogenously diluted solution can be made by premixing Keyun®PlxyGV with a small amount of water and vigorously agitating before adding to the tank. Spray water pH should be neutral(pH7.0)-spray water pH above 8 may damage the virus and performance will be reduced. If mixing with other pesticides or foliar fertilizers in water, add Keyun®PlxyGV to the spray tank after the other products are thoroughly diluted. Keyun®PlxyGV should be applied as soon as possible after mixing. The virus can be rendered inactive if the mixture is left to stand overnight.

Application Rate


Target Pest

Rates and Dilution Rates

Application Method

Cruciferous Vegetables

Plutella xylostella (Diamondback Moth)



Multiple sprays at low rates and short intervals are likely to provide better control than a single spray at high rate.

1. The dilution con rates depend on local habit and experience of farmers and spray equipment.

2. Dilution Rates: 1:750

3. If possible,

the less the water amount is, the better the control efficacy will be



Application Method

Keyun®PlxyGV can be applied using standard ground sprayers, aerial application, and overhead sprinkler chemigation. Apply Plutellavex in sufficient water to obtain thorough coverage of the crop canopy without excessive runoff. Actual application volume will depend on the type of spray equipment used. It is advised to use nozzles with Ultra-low volume spraying to ensure thorough coverage of the target area.

Application Timing

Keyun®PlxyGV must replicate within the host larva in order to be effective, so Keyun®PlxyGV is slower to kill larvae compared to many chemical insecticides. DBM larvae grow very fast. Older larvae will cause considerable damage as they continue to feed voraciously even if they eventually succumb to virus infection. Therefore, Keyun®PlxyGV applications MUST be targeted against FIRST INSTAR LARVAE in order to avoid the occurrence of devastating damage. How to time the optimum spraying is usually a difficult thing for the common growers. According to the practice, it is easy to time accurately the spraying when diamondback moth pheromone lure is introduced for monitoring the occurrence of diamondback moth adult. Under common circumstances, the first spraying should be made immediately once it is found that over two diamondback moth adults are attracted to trap. The subsequent applications should be made at 3-7 days interval depending on the eggs counts and crop growth rate due to the short residual activity of virus.


Keyun®PlxyGV can be applied alone against DBM if DBM is a key pest or when non-target pests do not reach economic threshold. However, Plutellavex is highly compatible with the majority of herbicide, insecticides fungicides and foliar fertilizers in order to provide a broader spectrum of control(including more rapid know-down effect), to kill moths and eggs as well as larvae, or to control DBM larvae resistant to chemical insecticides. Keyun®PlxyGV will infect and kill both susceptible and resistant larvae. Ensure that the mixture has a pH of 7 or less. Mixing Keyun®PlxyGV with alkaline substances will damage the virus.

Rain Fastness and Use of Spray Adjuvants

The majority of virus uptake by larvae occurs within 1 hour post-application. For this reason, it is best to avoid applying Keyun®PlxyGV if heavy rain is expected within one hour following applications. However, do not delay application if only moderate rain is expected, or heavy rain is not imminent. Use of spreader/sticker and ultraviolet screening agent can enhance the performance of Keyun®PlxyGV. Additional protection, as well as enhanced spray deposition and rain fastness, may be obtained by using certain latex, mineral oils and powdered skim milk. Avoid mixing Keyun®PlxyGV with silicone-based adjuvants intended only as spreader. Such compounds may interfere with the natural ability of the virus to stick to plant surfaces.


Product handling

Product Handling

Temperature conditions during transport


Storage Time at Different Temperatures

  • >2  years at -18℃
  • 2 years at <+5℃
  • 1 month at<+25℃