Keyun®SeMNPV is based a naturally occurring pathogenic virus, Spodoptera exigua multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus(SeMNPV) that infects and kills only larvae of Spodoptera exigua(Beet armyworm).

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Use for

Use for

Spodoptera exigua(Beet armyworm)

How it works

How it works

WhenKeyun®SeMNPV is applied to crops and ingested by Spodoptera exigua larvae, the virions are released and replicate massively in the larvae's body and then spread throughout the body while rapidly consuming body tissues. Spodoptera exigua that ingest the virus become lethargic during their sickness caused by the virus infection, and appear sublethal. Eventually, they will die with their internal organs and tissues liquefied. In addition, the virions will continue to spread like a plague between and through several generations of Spodoptera exigua through the fluid or feces of the dead Spodoptera exigua larvae, providing effective long-term control of the Spodoptera exigua population.


Product specifications

Product Specifications

1. Formulation: WG

  • Concentration: 2.0×10^10PIB/g
  • Pack Size: 10g/sachet, 40g/sachet, 1Kg/bag, 15Kg/cardboard

2. Formulation: SC

  • Concentration: 3.0×10^9PIB/g
  • Pack Size: 100ml/bottle, 200g/bottle, 500ml/bottle, 1000ml/bottle, 25 liters/drum

Directions for use

Directions for use


The homogenously diluted solution can be made by premixing Keyun®SeMNPV with a small amount of water and vigorously agitating before adding to the tank. Spray water pH should be neutral(pH7.0). Spray water pH above 8 may damage the virus and performance will be reduced. If mixing with other pesticides or foliar fertilizers in water, add Keyun®SeMNPV to the spray tank after the other products are thoroughly diluted. Keyun®SeMNPV should be applied as soon as possible after mixing. The virus can be rendered inactive if the mixture is left to stand overnight.

Application rate and method


Target Pest

Rates and Dilution Rates

Application Method

Sweet corn
Sweet potatoes
Sugar beets



1. WG: 30-45 grams/Ha.

2. SC: 300ml/ha


1. The added water amount  depends on local habit and experience of farmers and available spray equipment.

2. Dilution Rates:1:5000 or 1:7500.

3. If possible,

the less the water amount is, the better the control efficacy will be



The optimal application timing is during the egg-laying peak, and treat when larvae are young (APPLY THIS PRODUCT BEFORE THE LARVAE GROW UP TO 3rd INSTAR). It is advised to treat before extensive damage has occurred. When insect infestations are heavy, apply more frequently. It is advised to spray at 3-6 days interval depending on the eggs counts and crop growth rate due to the short residual activity of virus. Thorough spray coverage is essential for good insect control.

Keyun®SeMNPV can be applied alone against Spodoptera exigua if Spodoptera exigua is a key pest or when non-target pests do not reach economic threshold. However, Keyun®SeMNPV is highly compatible with the majority of herbicides, insecticides fungicides and foliar fertilizers in order to provide a broader spectrum of control(including more rapid know-down effect), to kill moths and eggs as well as larvae, or to control Spodoptera exigua larvae resistant to chemical insecticides. Keyun®SeMNPV will infect and kill both susceptible and resistant larvae. Ensure that the mixture has a pH of 7 or less. Mixing Tekexi with alkaline substances will damage the virus.

In order to achieve good control efficacy, the product should be diluted twice. For instance, add a small amount of water to the amount of the product needed per ha., and mix evenly into mother liquid, then add the desired quantity of clean water to the mother liquid and mix evenly to ensure uniform suspension. Ideal pH should be 7 or less.

Keyun®SeMNPV can be applied by ground or aerial sprayers or with overhead sprinkler irrigation equipment, as long as the equipment provides thorough coverage of plants with minimal run-off. The amount of water or other carrier needed per Ha. will depend on weather, spray equipment, and local experience.

Use of a non-ionic or oil-based spreader/sticker and ultraviolet screening agent may enhance the performance of this product. Silicon-based spreaders may interfere with adhesion of virus particles to the plant surface and should not be used with this product.

Apply the product on the cloudy days, or at dusk, avoid sunshine. Once it rains after application, it is necessary to re-apply.

Focusing especially on spraying the product to the neonatal parts and the back of foliage of crop which the pests always tend to eat, so that pests can ingest sufficiently the virus.

Keyun®SeMNPV can be applied up to including the day of harvest and storage.

Keyun®SeMNPV should be applied as soon as possible after mixing. The virus can be rendered inactive if the mixture is left to stand overnight.


Keyun®SeMNPV can’t be mixed with alkaline substances like bactericide containing copper.

Product handling

Product Handling

Temperature Conditions during Transport


Storage Time at Different Temperatures

  • >2  years at -18℃
  • 2 years at <+5℃
  • 1 month at<+25℃